Contract bus services are provided from regional centres at the beginning and end of each day. Some services are also provided during the school day. For details please look at specific bus service timetables available at the main office, or phone the bus companies directly on numbers listed below.

Merseylink (formerly Phoenix Coaches) - Phone: 6427 7626
West Ulverstone/Alexandra Rd
Squeaking Point
Tarleton Rd
Preston/Gunns Plains/Ulverstone
Port Sorell Forth/Braddons Lookout/Don Interchange
Shearwater/Port Sorell/Moriarty

R Kelly - Phone: 6491 1711
Claude Rd

KD & DI Sims - Phone: 6429 3220
Cradle Mt Rd/Wilmot
Upper Castra/Sprent/Kindred
Alma/Paloona Bridges