Don College is a gathering point for students from our local high schools where students support each other in achieving success in Years 11 and 12.

Nestled in bushlands bordering The Don River Reserve and Bass Strait our unique natural environment creates opportunity for learning and impacts positively on school culture and well-being. Specialist teachers individualise learning across a broad variety of courses focussing on building aspirations, hope, engagement and lifelong learning.

We all have an island or islands of competence. These are specific areas of strength. Sadly, it is more common for people to be aware of their weaknesses than their strengths. It can also be very easy to exploit individual vulnerabilities.

We all have a role to play in encouraging our students to explore and exploit their strengths. Being aware of your strengths builds confidence, increases aspirations and fosters a sense of hope. Knowing where our strengths are can make it OK for us to acknowledge our weaknesses. We all have strengths and weaknesses and all in different areas and doses.

This assessment period in June is an opportunity to measure individual achievement and progress. Our performance does not define us but it provides valuable information to help us decide, "Where to from here?" Results on our midyear assessment tasks will assist teachers and students to determine the next steps in our teaching and learning programs. At an individual level, these assessments will identify areas of personal strength and some areas where more work needs to be done.

John Thompson

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