Written short answers responses, class activities and essays

Research topics about various religions and ethical issues

Presentations to class

External 3 hour exam


2-3 hours per week which increases towards exams

Revision of weekly lessons

Important Points:

Note-taking skills are taught for revision

Essay planning and drafts are necessary

Recommended readings and textbook chapters should be summarised to enhance depth of knowledge and for revision

There are opportunities to participate in in class visits by practising Buddhists or Muslims and out of class activities such as visiting Hobart or Launceston to hear Dr Peter Vardy, a world renowned ethicist.

Students have said:

Keep your work well organised

You are able to choose the topics you prefer to study for the exam

You need to complete assignments on time

Tune in to the news and current events programs that relate to religion

This subject really helped in my understanding of current events and what motivates people to think and act the way they do.